Elementary school


At the start of the school year 2023, the elementary school has 324 students from CP to CM2:

The elementary school is made up of a team of 16 class teachers to which are added four specialist teachers, four English and five Swedish teachers, as well as a language coordinator (English and Swedish).

The elementary school classes are mainly located on level 2 and 3 of the elementary building. However, a class of CM 2 is located in the main building together with the college classes; two CM 2 classes are located in the prefabs in the courtyard.
The high school students have their courses in another building on Stora Essingen.

The building is shared with a Swedish school, a municipal library and after 3 pm the classrooms are occupied by the “Périscolaire-Fritids” (extra-curricular activities).
The schoolyard is not part of the school, but is a public area in the city.

Website where you will find class blogs and various videos of school activities: Activités de l’élémentaire

Educational Content

Approved by the Ministry of National Education and Youth, the education comply with French programs (mathematics, French, English, history, geography, sciences, EPS, etc.). The school week consists of 24 hours of lessons per week. All the programs can be found on the website Eduscol

To these two hours of compulsory Swedish lessons are added. Need groups are formed for beginners.
From the CP class, families who wish to do so can enroll their child in the Swedish International Section. This course includes one hour of additional Swedish in CP, CE1 and CE2, and two hours for students in CM1 and CM2.

A day at school – School calendar

The usual school day starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. Monday to Friday

However, if you wish, it is possible for your child to be received before the school begins. A welcome service is organized from 07.00 am to 08.50 am:
For this you just need to complete the document that is distributed at the beginning of the year or write to: accueil@lfsl.net

Daily planning

08.50-09.00: Reception in the school yard
09.00-11.10: Lesson time
11.10-12.00: Lunch, guarded by “Fritids”.
– CP: 10.55-11.30 Lunch, then break
– CE1 and CE2, lunch from 11.10-11.35, then break
– CM1 and CM2, break then lunch from 11.35 to 12.00

12.00 – 15.00: lessons with a 15 min break ini teh middle of the afternoon.

According to Swedish regulations, the canteen is compulsory and free.

The times of APC (Complementary Educational Activities) as well as the Swedish International Section courses are organized according to the levels on certain days of the week, either from 8 am to 9 am, or from 3 pm to 4 pm.

15.00: if your child is enrolled, “Périscolaire-Fritids” takes over, otherwise the student must leave school premises.Students in CM2 can be enrolled in the study group.

N.B Enrolment in “Fritids” is not automatic, it is up to the family to do so.
Rules for Périscolaire-Fritids (in French)
Rules for Périscolaire – Fritids (in Swedish)

Student Support

An organization in smaller groups in CP, which facilitates the students’ transition to and start in elementary school.
Three teachers are present to work with the students, either in small groups or in collaboration with the classes where the students need a personal support.
There is the opportunity to take advantage of an additional educational activity (1 hour per week) to help children who have a temporary difficulty, outside of class time.
Establishment of various action plans with tools and adaptations for children with greater need for support or learning difficulties.

Two school nurses, two “kurators” (Swedish and French), who ensure compliance with and updating of the equal treatment plan, and a school psychologist are present on site throughout the school day.

School fees

11,000 sek per year.
School lunch, school supplies, excursions, projects … everything is included

The role of the parents

As a parent you can participate in life at the school by being a class representative and participating in the school council (Conseil d’école) or by being a candidate as a paren in the Conseil d’établissement (CE) or the board (CA)
You can also work as a volunteer in the parents’ association, APE.

For all questions: Elementary School Director