students with special needs

The Lycée Français Saint Louis meets the teaching needs of students with special needs in primary and secondary school. Inclusive education is one of the cornerstones of LFSL and AEFE.

Within the school itself, LFSL has special teachers and assistants who help students in need of support in the classroom.
The school must allow each student to develop their skills and express their potential with regard to specific situations. Depending on the children’s needs and situation, different projects can be carried out.
Support is provided in consultation with the families, the teacher or the principal and the health team.

Which plan and for whom?

Individual care plan (PAI): it applies to children with chronic diseases (asthma, food allergies, etc.). A form specifies arrangements related to the state of health (treatments, specific diets, emergency protocols). The request is made by the family in collaboration with the school nurse. A medical certificate must be provided as well as a prescription stating the treatment protocol.

Personal Schooling Project (PPS): this applies to children with physical, sensory, cognitive, psychological or disability health problems. An approach plan for the school is defined. It specifies and adapts the pedagogical and medical measures that meet the student’s needs.

Personal Support Plan (PAP): this is a document that defines pedagogical arrangements and adaptations. It can be requested by the family, suggested by the school council or the class council. Medical or paramedical examinations are performed. With regard to the tests and assessments, the doctor gives an opinion on the relevance of a PAP with regard to the presence or absence of the disorders. PAP is sent to teachers to best adapt the student’s teaching.

Personal training program (PPRE): this applies to students who do not master certain knowledge or skills that are expected at the end of a teaching cycle. This project is designed to respond to the student’s difficulties with pedagogical support, specialized or additional help to develop in their case. PPRE is established by the Director of  the elementary school or the Headmaster on the initiative of the teaching teams.

For questions regarding support for students with special needs, please contact the assistant headmaster:

Documents concerning the teaching of students with special needs:

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