Support for students with special needs

Commission for monitoring the student with special needs at the Lycée Français in 2020-2021.
At the Lycée Français there is a commission for monitoring students with special needs (CSED).

This commission is composed of:

  • Aurélien Loyson, Headmaster
  • Maël Renault, Elementary School Director
  • Rebecca Lemberger, Coordinator of Swedish studies
  • Olivier Cureau, CPE
  • Kajsa Niklasson, “Kurator”
  • Catherine Puumala, School nurse
  • Pia Bergendahl, Specialised teacher
  • Mohamed Drissi, Specialised teacher
  • Natasza Nazet, Specialised teacher
  • Gina Thiebaut, Specialised teacher
  • Yesmina Scally, School psycologist
  • Isabelle Schussler, “Fritids” Manager

If necessary, the teacher of the elementary class, the head teacher, the staff of the “Fritids”, the school doctor, representatives of the social services, staff of the psychiatric services of the child and adolescent (BUP) also participate.

Documents on students with special needs:
School enrolment