Poèmes d’hiver

En ces temps de crise climatique, l’hiver va et vient, et l’on ne sait jamais si l’on aura de la neige ou non. Mais l’idée d’un hiver blanc, plein d’activités et de sentiments qui nous font du bien, est pourtant bien présente chez les élèves de 5ème. Avec leur professeure d’anglais, Anette Campbell, ils ont été invités à s’inspirer de quelques poèmes sur l’hiver et le froid, notamment du poète américain Robert Frost (oui, Frost est bien son nom de famille ! ).
Alors à leur tour, ils se sont lancés et ont écrit leurs propres poèmes sur ce thème, accompagnés même, parfois, d’illustrations.

Profitez des congés scolaires pour les apprécier !

A Memory

A frozen lake under a cold sun,

A man lives alone on his boat,

Surrounded by ice,

A feeling of loneliness

Suddenly some children running past

Throwing snowballs over the boat

He thinks for a while

And decides to leave the boat

Goes to play with the children

Builds a magnificent snowman

And creates a beautiful memory


Winter Night Comfort

Late on a cold white afternoon

When everything was dead

A bright shining moon

Spread its silvery thread

When the darkness came

And my vision disappeared

Its light like a flame

Guiding paths once feared.


Hot Chocolate on a Cold Winter’s Day

Travel to the North

White snow covering the trees

White snow up to your knees

See the ice melting and cracking

Feel the hot chocolate melting away

The frost on your cold cheeks

Sit by the fire and warm up your hands

Away from the outside, away from the cold

Deep in the woods bears are sleeping

Waiting for winter to finally end

Warming themselves, cuddling together

Go make yourself a really hot chocolate

Sit down and watch the beautiful trees,

The wind blowing, and the snow falling.

All while enjoying a delicious hot chocolate

With lots of whipped cream

On this cold winter’s day.


To the Snowman:

How long is the winter? How long will you last?

Each year it comes, but how long  will it be?

Sometimes it will never end and sometimes it goes too fast.

No matter what I will build a snowman

Owls will be flying, observing it

Wondering what makes it so special

Made out of snow with rocks as eyes and mouth, and a carrot nose

A snowman will be there, not talking but listening

November, December still there, January February beginning to go away


Life in Winter

I wake up to the snoring of my father

Go to the kitchen to eat my breakfast

Put on warm clothes and go out onto the balcony

There I see the majestic garden

Although I see it every day when I wake up

I still find it majestic and beautiful


Perfect Winter Day

A day can’t be better than one skiing

The cosy mountains under blankets of snow

The blowing wind of winter

The view of the region

In the power of my eyes

On a cold Sunday morning

Gliding down mountain after mountain

Lakes frozen, forests covered in snow

Now that is what I call winter!


Frozen Beauty

The day is freezing

Big, beautiful snowflakes

Falling on the ground

Not yet walked on.


Only my sister and me

In the middle of a field

Sunk down in the snow to our knees

We freeze

It doesn’t matter

Because this beauty warms our hearts

The sun makes the snow glitter

Like a field of little stars