Action against school bullying

As part of the health and citizen paths, LFSL dedicated two days, September 25 and October 9, to prevention against bullying, discrimination and all forms of violence at school.
Students from 4ème to Terminale spent half a day to watch a movie on bullying, followed by an exchange with members of health team and teachers.

The film “The Day I Burned my Heart” was broadcast in November 2018 on TF1 in connection with the National Day against Bullying organized by the French Ministry of Education .
It tells the true story of Jonathan, a highschool student, who tries to kill himself by setting himself on fire to put to an end the bullying of which he is the victim for several years. The young man has survived and is now educating other young people about the impacts of bullying at school.

This TV movie shows how bullying can start among students. After watching the movie, students were invited to share their feelings:
“Very moving, I had a hard time believing that the movie is based on a true story, that people really could have committed such acts without thinking about the consequences. “
“I am very impressed by this film: it really shows the roles of different people but also the fact that witnessing bullying is not a good thing”
“What happened to Jonathan is horrible. We have seen in the movie that sometimes the bullies do not realize what they are doing. “
“To become aware of the pain caused by bullying is necessary, I am relieved to have become aware of it. “
“Bullies are often former harassed, they do not realize their actions until the worst happens. “
“I do not think there is any bullying here, but at the same time, just because I do not see it, that does not mean that there isn’t any. “
“This movie helps us to realize what is going on in schools and what is unknown about the lives of people and our families, as well. “

All the members of the health team were able to continue the exchanges with the students and discuss with them about values such as empathy and civil courage.

Watch the video below: