APE – Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association is a non-profit Swedish association.
The purpose of the Parents’ Association is to organize events, projects or manifestations related to the French High School Saint Louis in Stockholm, in coordination with the school management and teachers of the school, and for the well-being and development of the children from grade 1 to the 3rd year of high school.

Contact us: ape.lfsl@gmail.com

Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/ape.lfsl


In addition to smaller events such as Lucia or candy pauses, the Parents’ Association is a key partner during the school’s Nobel Week by organizing and financing museum visits for primary school students (entrance tickets, private buses, French-speaking guide, Nobel medal). Parents are also involved in decorating the premises and serving the Nobel lunch.
We also organize together with LFSL the Solidarity Run, which in 2023 enabled a donation of 125 000 SEK to the Childhood Cancer Fund.
Finally, we traditionally celebrate the year with Kermesse, where parents get involved to celebrate a year of success, learning and sharing together.
You are welcome to contact the Parents’ Association if you are interested in a project or if you want to start a project for the children and the school, middle school or high school!


The way it works is simple: The Board, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, is responsible for managing the association both at a representative and administrative level. It ensures that the association functions well and survives.
On a day-to-day basis, the Parents’ Association works on a project basis in small teams that are formed as needed, usually in coordination with other actors in the secondary school: school management, teachers, students, Vie Scolaire, sports association, Fritids, and of course with you, the parents, who are a fundamental link in carrying out these events.
The parents’ association also appoints representatives in the school and secondary school elections at the beginning of the year to pass on your questions and concerns through official representative bodies.


The association is funded by family membership contributions and donations and cannot carry out its projects without these funds.
The membership fee for the school year 2023-2024 is only 300 SEK per family. This fee is for one school year.
Of course, you are free to give more if you can.
Pay by Swish on 123 267 8449 or by Bankgiro: 428-8676.
Do not forget to indicate: “COTIS” + name, first name and your children’s classes.


The Board of the Parents’ Association is elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term of one year.
Members of the Board 2023-2024:
President: Kevin Renaudin
Vice-President: Bénédicte Berké
Treasurer: Qizhen Zhu
Secretary: Feyza Chatti (French), Melinda Bardin