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August 25, 2022Dear Madam / Dear Sir, On behalf of the entire staff of the Lycée Français Saint Louis de Stockholm, I would like to express our joy at welcoming the students entrusted to us for this new school year. Over the past few weeks, the teachers and staff have been working hard to provide a warm welcome and a school year rich in both academic and educational learning for our students. This year marks a new stage for the school: the “projet d’établissement” was updated last year and I invite you to consult it on the website. This project reaffirms the school’s status as an establishment under agreement with the Agence pour l’Enseignement à l’Etranger (AEFE) and its strong integration into the French-speaking community of Stockholm and its immediate environment, as shown by the integration of the Fritids from CP to CM1 since last January into the structure and projects of the LFSL. Above all, this new projet d’établissement clearly expresses the ambition that we have collectively for our students: based on the fundamental values of success, well-being and respect, our approach combines the strengths of the French and Swedish systems and aims to provide the best possible support for our students both in their academic development and in their development as future citizens. We know that the academic success of each student depends on rigor, effort and hard work, and we share this requirement. We also know that this is only fully effective when the student thrives in the community and feels confident in it. The search for educational excellence on the one hand and the accompaniment of our students towards the certifications offered by the high school and chosen and ambitious educational projects on the other hand will of course be among our priorities. We will also aim to accompany them beyond that, in the construction of their personality by basing our approach on their commitment to a community rich in the multiplicity of its cultures, in the image of the Lycée and of French education, which is enriched by its adjustments to the Swedish context. In concrete terms, the approach initiated last year and which led to the EFE3D (level of commitment) label awarded to the school by the AEFE (which stands for Établissement Français de l’Étranger en Démarche de Développement Durable) will be continued and accentuated. Openness to the world and to the richness of its languages and cultures will be at the heart of our educational projects: deployment of the French international section and baccalaureate, for example, or educational outings and trips that will be created according to the evolution of health and geopolitical situations. These projects will be supported by an ever-increasing focus on school climate and inclusion, supported, among others, by the school’s health team. Finally, the links within our community, with families and former students, will be strengthened through multiple projects to develop a sense of belonging to the LFSL community, a feeling whose impact on the well-being of each individual was measured during the pandemic. The context, particularly in terms of health, nevertheless requires us to remain vigilant and, in accordance with the various recommendations and directives, to maintain, at level 1, the health and educational protocol validated by the school’s authorities last June and available for consultation on the website. Its flexibility aims to allow us to maintain the required level of vigilance (barrier gestures, regular hand washing, …) while allowing us to resume certain collective and federative projects. Thus, for example, collective parent-teacher meetings will be organized at the beginning of the year; more individual meetings may be planned as needed with the legal guardians who request them. The entry of families or external partners into the school will nevertheless remain subject to authorization, for security reasons among others. Finally, I would like to thank each family for the trust they have shown in the school by enrolling their child or children, a trust that is often renewed from year to year. And I wish the students, staff and families an excellent school year full of formative projects and unifying moments of pleasure. Denis RAVAILLEHeadmaster [...] Read more...

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