Tuition and Fees

The annual school fees for children with a Swedish social security number *, who are registered in Sweden and for whom the school receives subsidies from the municipalities , are:

• 11,000 SEK / CP to CM2 (Elementary school)
• 12 100 SEK / from 6ème to 3ème (Upper secondary school)
• 13 750 SEK / from 2nd to 12 (High school)


* not included “coordination number”, “temporary social security number” or the child whose application for public registration has not yet been validated by the local authorities.

For children at High School whose parents are not EU / ESS / Swiss citizens as well as children, at all levels, for which the school has not received a guarantee that the municipalities provide subsidies at the date the place is offered, the annual school fee is SEK 140,000 per school year (full fee).
Reimbursement can then be made in proportion to the subsidies that the school may receive from the municipality later in the school year.
If the student does not obtain any personal identification number, the full fee must be paid.


A discount on the school fee is given to families with several children at our school.
The discount is given from the first class (CP); 15% for the third child, 20% for the fourth child, 25% for the fifth and additional children.


School fees must be paid for each term started.
In the event of leaving the school in the middle of a semester, the school fee will not be refunded for the current semester.

The school fees are determined and can be adjusted by the Board of the Lycée Français Saint Louis Foundation. They are billed in two instalments; one invoice for the autumn term and one invoice for the spring term.

Fees for “Förskola” et “Périscolaire-Fritids”

Lycée Français pre-school and “Périscolaire-Fritids” apply “max-taxa”, a fee set by Stockholms Stad, based on the household’s income, with a cost ceiling.