The management team and the Headmaster ensure the running of the Lycée Français Saint Louis and the respect of the regulations.

International School in convention with the AEFE

The International part of the school includes Elementary School, Secondary School and High School, from “CP” to “Terminale”.

The management team manages the school on all financial, human, logistical and educational aspects for the Foundation Lycée Français Saint Louis.

The Headmaster, Mr. Laurent Cantuel, is accompanied by the Director of the Elementary school, Mr. Maël Renault, to whom he delegates the direction of the elementary school.

They are surrounded by a team composed of:

The Administrative and Financial Director, Txomin Diaz, who is in charge of LFSL’s financial and budget policy as well as administrative functions (management, legal, IT).
The Director of Human Resources, Ditte Mårgård-Alavi, whose mission is to organize the LFSL’s HR policy and to ensure compliance with Swedish labor law legislation.
– The Coordinator of Swedish studies, Rebecca Lemberger,  who is responsible for the Swedish teachers’ team and all that is related to the Swedish authorities or practices in the field of education.
The Senior Education Advisor (CPE), Olivier Cureau, who animates school life, ie places students in the best conditions of individual and collective life, academic success and personal fulfillment.
– The Project Manager, Sarah Lempereur, who is in charge of the development and implementation of the school project 2019-2022.

To contact the Headmaster and the management team, please contact the secretarial office: secretariat[a]

Swedish Preschool

The “förskola” is a Swedish preschool that welcomes children between 2 and 5 years old who can then join the CP.
The acting Director of the “förskola” manages all preschool activities and manages the “förskola” on all financial, human, logistical and educational aspects fro the Foundation Lycée Français Saint Louis.