the board

The Lycée Français Saint Louis Foundation is a Swedish legal entity, which has neither members nor owners, but a board and a purpose.


• The purpose of the foundation is to conduct teaching in Stockholm, leading to the French diplomas “Diplôme National du Brevet” and “Baccalauréat” (corresponding Swedish final grade from compulsory school and upper secondary school)

• In addition, the purpose of the foundation is to conduct preschool activities,
in accordance with Stockholm city regulations. The business is entirely governed by Swedish regulations, and is financed by subsidies from the municipality and school fees.


LFSL is an International school, where the Headmaster and Head the elementary school, who are responsible for the educational activities, are expatriated from France via AEFE (Agence de l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger).
The Coordinator of Swedish studies , who is responsible for the Swedish teaching, as well as the Chief Financial Officer and the HR Manager are all local employees.


The preschool is entirely run by the Foundation without any cooperation with AEFE.
This business has no formal connection to AEFE or France, but is entirely governed by Swedish regulations.


The Board consists of the following nine (9) members who are from 3 colleges:

• Three (3) elected representatives of the school’s staff, of which at least one of the permanent representatives is of French nationality and at least one is a teacher.
• Three (3) elected representatives of the parents, of which at least one of the ordinary members is a French citizen.
• Three (3) additional persons, coopted members,  who are neither part of the parent college nor the personnel college, of which at least one is of French nationality. The Chairman of the Board is elected from among these persons.

In accordance with the founders’ ideas, the following persons shall participate in a statutory manner in advisory matters at the Board’s meetings as guarantors of compliance with the agreement concluded between AEFE and the LFSL foundation:

• The Cultural and Science Adviser at the French Embassy or his representative.
• The French Consul or her representative.
• The Headmaster
• The Preschool Director


Survival = Control & Follow-up
• Establishment Rules of procedure for the Board.
• Establishing Delegation Protocol.
• Implementation Financial control instruments.
• Support Rector & Management = Following the processes of management, RH, implementation of collective agreements.

• Organizational
• Initiation of ongoing quality development work
• Appointment of Quality Manager
• Complaints Routine
• Vision 2025
• Fusion leisure
• Infrastructure


– Alain Demairé, President, co-opted member

– Vacant, co-opted member
– Vacant, co-opted member
– Stéphanie Cozon, member elected by the staff
– Françoise Guionneau, member elected by the staff
– Marina Zivkovic, member elected by the staff
– Nicolas Cambier, member elected by the parents
– Sophie Delorme, member elected by the parents
– Louise D’Oliwa, member elected by the parents

Ex-officio members without voting rights:
– Aurélien Loyson, Headmaster
– Katarina Koto, Director, Rektor “Förskolan”
– Aurélie de Poortere, Consul at the French Embassy
– Emmanuelle Swynghedauw, Council for Culture and Science at the French Embassy

Invited advisors without voting rights:
– Txomin Diaz, CEO
– Maël Renault, Elementary Director
– Ditte Mårgård-Alavi, HR Director

Permanent secretary:
– Sophie Pier Federici, Communication Manager

Presentation from the meeting with the board 2019-04-10  (French and Swedish)

In order to contact all the voting members of the board: ca[a]
Please note that the Board only deals with overall issues, not issues related to pedagogy or the daily business.
If there is anything related to your child’s stay or security at the school/preschool that does not meet your expectations, or that you are dissatisfied with, we would encourage you to in the first instance share your comments directly with the person or persons concerned.
If, following that contact, you still have comments or complaints, please contact Headmaster Mr Aurélien Loyson or Preschool Director, Mrs Katarina Koto, or fill in the form for comments and complaints.