the board

The Lycée Français Saint Louis de Stockholm Foundation, LFSL, was founded through the Constitution Act of 4 October 1963, the provisions of which are set out in §§ 1, 2 and 3 thereof and in its statutes. (link 1). As a legal entity, it acts in accordance with Swedish law of foundations (1994: 1220) to be followed in its administration, the provisions of the Constituent Act and manages its assets under an associated administration, including the physical persons who are part of the board (§2.2 law 1994: 1220).

Since 1992, the LFSL Foundation in Stockholm has entered into an agreement with AEFE, the agency for French education abroad (l’Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger – link 2 to the AEFE website), which have a public commission. This administrative, financial and pedagogical agreement, is signed by the French Ambassador to Sweden, in his capacity as representative of the French State and of the President of the Foundation. The agreement, which is renewed every five years, applies to all classes at LFSL that are approved by the French Ministry of Education for Higher Education and Research (Article 2 of the Convention), namely from CP to Terminale. Thanks to the approved schools students abroad can study according to the French curriculum throughout their schooling, where the values ​​and requirements of the French education system are respected.
A school’s approval is valid for five years and in order to be renewed, specific conditions must be met. The approval is granted in agreement with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE).

Approval is centered around seven basic criteria, namely:

• respect for the principles and values ​​of the French education system ;

• application of the French curriculum ;

• master the French language ;

• multilingual, linguistic policy ;

• the presence of qualified and regularly trained staff ;

• preparation and take French exams;

• secure premises and suitable equipment.

B – The purpose of the LFSL Foundation

The statutes of the LFSL Foundation define its purpose in Chapter § 3 :

“The Foundation, which is a non – profit organization, aims to conduct teaching in Stockholm leading to the French diplomas “Diplôme National du Brevet” and Baccalauréat, (corresponding to the Swedish final grade for compulsory school and upper secondary school).

The teaching follows – in order to enable schooling for French children staying in Sweden – among other things, the curricula for the French “enseignement préélémentaire”, “élémentaire” and “secondaire” (corresponding to Swedish preschool, primary school and high school), with the necessary adaptation to incorporate studies of Swedish society, Swedish culture, and the Swedish language.

The agreement between AEFE and the Foundation specifies in its articles the methods which make it possible to achieve the above-mentioned purpose.

The preschool, which since the issuance of a Swedish law in 2010 is no longer included in the agreement, is a Swedish preschool that follows the Swedish curriculum and is managed directly by the LFSL Foundation.

C – The composition of the Board (CA) and its meetings

The composition of the Board and its meetings are defined in Chapter 4 of the Articles of the statues  and in Articles 4 and 14 of the agreement with AEFE.

§ 4 of the statutes

The board consists of three (3) colleges with three (3) people, ie. nine (9) members

with the right to vote and which are as follows:

● Three (3) elected representatives of the school staff (and one deputy), of which at least one (1) of the regular representatives is a French citizen and at least one (1) is a teacher

● Three (3) elected representatives of the parents (and one deputy), of which at least one (1) of the ordinary representatives is a French citizen

● Three (3) outsiders, appointed by the board. Of these three persons, who are not allowed to belong to the group of staff or parents, at least one (1) must be a French citizen. The Chairman of the Board is elected from among these three persons.

Article 4 of the agreement with AEFE:

At the board meetings, the following ex officio members sit with an advisory vote:

● Council for Culture and Science at the French Embassy

● Consul of France

● The principal

Article 14 of the agreement with AEFE:

At each board meeting, the following people are invited:

● The primary and middle school manager

● Chief Financial Officer

Swedish law:

● The principal and Head of the Preschool School is an ex-officio member in accordance with the charter for the school, which she leads and which falls under Swedish law.

D – The role and responsibilities of the Board

They are defined in:

● Swedish legislation (legislation on foundations (1994: 1220) and some chapters in the Swedish Education Act for legal aspects and global financial management in foundations.

● The foundation’s statutes governing its deliberations and decisions (§ 5) and an auditor’s control of its budgetary management and approved accounts (§ 5) whose role is specifically defined (§ 6)

● The agreement with AEFE, mainly in the following articles:

– Art. 1 The foundation ensures the management … especially regarding local legislation

– Art. 4 That everything works correctly … depends on respect for the attributes and functions of each party within the framework of the division of responsibilities defined by agreement and shared governance. Financial documents, e.g. the preliminary budget and financial account for each financial year are presented every year to AEFE, under the auspices of the French Ambassador.

– Art. 7 and 17 Recruitment and management of local staff is a coordinated administration

– Art. 15 and 16 The delegation regarding signature and responsibility to the Headmaster

is defined. All these delegations are registered in the document entitled Delegation minutes, prepared and voted by the board after AEFE:s approval.

E – Tasks of the Board

● Duty of confidentiality

● Duty of loyalty

● Obligation to handle conflicts of interest

● Obligation for transparency

G – Communication channel

For all contact with the Board, please follow the instructions you find by clicking on the link “form for comments and complaints“.

They meet the guidelines in the Swedish Education Act, chap. 4 §8.


Guillaume Lefebvre, co-opted member, President
Directeur Général at IFCAM, born in 1963.
Guillaume Lefebvre currently heads IFCAM, the Crédit Agricole Group’s corporate university. Previously, he held various management positions within the Crédit Agricole Group in France, in the United States and recently in Sweden as manager of Crédit Agricole in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Alongside his professional activity, he is engaged in the educational sphere and in teaching in various university organizations in France, the United Kingdom and Morocco. A certified administrator, he is treasurer of the French Chamber of Commerce in Sweden. Guillaume holds a Master of Science from HEC, a Master of Finance from Paris-Sorbonne and an MBA from the University of Hartford.
Independent from the Lycée Français Saint Louis.

Eva Kristensson, co-opted member
Director of Brand & Communications Sodexo Sweden, born in 1961.
Eva Kristensson is currently active within Sodexo as Head of Client & Corporate Responsibility Communications, Continental Europe samt för Brand & Communications, Sodexo Sweden. She was, among other things, Director for Market Communication and Investor Relations at Micronic Laser Systems AB and ran her own communication agency, Straight Communication. Other board assignments include being a member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Sweden. Eva has an international Master’s degree in marketing from Uppsala University. Independent in relation to the Lycée Francais Saint Louis.

Jérôme Chappert, Treasurer, member elected by the parents

Jérôme lives in Stockholm since15 åyears back with his wife, Martina, and his three children, Othilia, Oscar and Nathanael, who today attend the classes 1ère, 4ème och CE1 at LFSL. All three have been enrolled there since the beginning of their schooling.

Jérôme has been involved in activities around the French community of Stockholm for many years, such as the Rugby Club, parent of student delegates and the Chamber of Commerce.

Jérôme holds a degree from EDHEC and works for an International bank in the Nordic region.

Marion Grönberg, Treasurer, member elected by the parents

Marion has lived in Sweden for about 10 years with her husband and two children, William (6th) and Hugo (CP).

Marion has been involved for several years within the LFSL community in different roles in order to support the teaching team and to give the best possible experience to all our children.

Françoise Guionneau, member elected by the staff
University teacher (Florida State University, Latin American University and Sweden) and researcher, Françoise Guionneau has taught Spanish at the Lycée Français Saint Louis in Stockholm since 1998, where she has also taught history and geography.
Doctor of linguistics, doctor of anthropology, master’s degree in Spanish, master’s degree in educational science, candidate for DEA in history, and studied at the Sorbonne and Nanterre.
Françoise Guionneau was an associate member of the CNRS within the framework of the Oral Language and Civilization Laboratory (UPR 3121 of the CNRS) for many years.
She has researched in close collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute. She has published in international specialized and Swedish journals. She has written several books including Messianism and Social Struggles among the Guaymi of Panama, published by Harmattan. She has been a board member of the LFSL Foundation since 2009.

Board Members:

– Guillaume Lefebvre, President, co-opted member
– Pascal Loison, Vice-president, co-opted member
Eva Kristensson, co-opted member
– Stéphanie Cozon, member elected by the staff
– Françoise Guionneau, member elected by the staff
– Anne Ruchaud, member elected by the staff
– Jérôme Chappert, Treasurer, member elected by the parents
– Marion Grönberg, member elected by the parents
– Nadir Kadri, member elected by the parents

Ex-officio members without voting rights:
– Denis Ravaille, Headmaster
– Katarina Koto, Director, Rektor “Förskolan”
– Aurélie de Poortere, Consul at the French Embassy
– Katerina Doytchinov, Council for Culture and Science at the French Embassy

Invited advisors without voting rights:
– Txomin Diaz, CEO
– Fabrice Palhies, Director Elementary School
– Béatrice-Ulrika Mozis, HR Director

– Sophie Pier Federici, Communication Manager