Organized in cycles: The French educational system is organized in school years, which are grouped into learning cycles.
The teaching team accompanies the students to acquire the knowledge, skills and culture of the common core.

The goal is to be approved at the end of “3ème”. Therefore, three stages are created, consisting of three years each, to give the students time to develop their knowledge.
The acquisition of these skills prepares the students to continue their studies after high school, and to become good citizens.

After 3ème at the Lycée Français Saint Louis 

The most common is that the students continue their studies at our school by applying to the “2nd” in the Lycée.
Lycée Français Saint Louis offers the three general baccalauréats: Economic and Social (ES), Literary (L) and Scientific (S).
Getting a baccalauréat opens the door to higher education in France, Sweden or other countries through equality systems.

The Swedish teaching at Lycée Français Saint Louis

A Swedish education is added to the French education so that the students receive a recognized education in Sweden and France.

More information about Swedish at LFSL: Swedish teaching

What are the equivalents between the French and Swedish systems?

How do you continue to high school and after

The different members of the teaching group (the management, librarians, teachers), inform the students and prepare them. The main teachers are the main contacts regarding further studies.
Two staff members take care of the daily study guidance at the school: Mrs. Rebecca Lemberger, Coordinator of Swedish Studies and Mr. Manuel Mercier, Information and reference resource.

You can find more information about the Swedish studies on these pages:

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