School Health

French and Swedish public health and education policies agree that health education is a key factor in student well-being, academic achievement and equity.

The Health Path – Parcour Santé is a key point in the Lycée Saint Louis school project. By working on interpersonal relationships, health and support for students with special needs, LFSL puts the child in the best conditions of success and well-being to achieve his goals.

To achieve this, a team of specialists in mental and physical health works every day in support of teachers and educational staff.

The missions of school’s health team are very specific,  some details here below:

– The School Nurse: she has first and foremost a public health role. She is charged by the Swedish authorities (Socialstyrelsen and Skolverket) to detect / prevent health problems, and to promote / advise on health at an individual and collective level.

– The Specialized Pedagogue: she is an expert for issues related to learning and pedagogy, especially for students in difficulty. She is in charge of screening and diagnosing the child’s disability, and then providing advice and support to parents and teachers in caring for them.

– The School Psychologist: his role is to provide support and advice to teachers in their work with students with special needs. She is there to help teachers better understand and manage student’s difficulties.

– The “Kurator”: she is the psychosocial expert of the school, she is there for the students to help them feel good at school and put them in good conditions of success.

Useful links:

Anti alcohol and anti-drugs plan (In French)  is the key site for questions regarding health and diseases of children.