Headmaster’s Message

Welcome to the website of Lycée Français Saint Louis !

In accordance to French schools abroad, the Lycée Français Saint Louis in Stockholm has a triple mission :  to teach French children in Stockholm, to teach Swedish children, and to teach children from other nationalities, wishing to follow the French educational programs of the French Ministry of National Education.

The LFSL is governed by a Swedish Foundation, the Lycée Français Saint Louis Foundation in Stockholm, headed by an executive board. The Lycée Français Saint Louis in Stockholm has the status of a Swedish International School, which means that, beyond the possibility of offering French programs, it must also respect certain rules and regulations specific to Swedish schools.

As headmaster, I am responsible for the international part of the school, in agreement with AEFE, from the Preparatory Course (CP) to the final year (Terminale).

The LFSL, composed by certified and qualified teachers and a highly involved administrative team, has a unique educational model which combines the strengths of the French and Swedish systems for the success and well-being of all students.

Our school’s project focuses on the school climate and includes a work on inter-personal relations, health and support in case of special needs, to give all children the best conditions for success and well-being in order to achieve their goals.

We want to give our students the possibility to acquire knowledge in a pleasant environment, serene, and faithful to our values; Respect, Well-being and Success.

I wish you a pleasant visit !