Headmaster’s editorial

For more than 60 years, the Lycée Français Saint Louis in Stockholm has supported future adults throughout their schooling. With its approval by the French Ministry of National Education and Youth and its agreement with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), it allows more than a hundred students each year to obtain the Baccalaureate or the Diplôme National du Brevet diplomas, enriched with a “mention” for many of them. These academic successes are the result of the rigour, effort and work developed in our students by demanding and caring educators and teachers. The Swedish environment, more generally multilingual environment, in which more than 800 students of at least 30 different nationalities work and live, also contributes to developing their academic excellence. This environment is also at the heart of the School project , namely the formation of a civic conscience, the well-being of all, together with inclusion and development of each.

At the start of the school year 2022 , the Lycée Français Saint Louis de Stockholm community adopted an ambitious renewed school project: reading it will allow you to understand how we wish to combine the strengths of the French and Swedish education systems to best support our students in their academic progress and in their personal and civic development. From CP to Terminale, from Förskola to extracurricular-Fritids, teachers, educators and staff members work with pleasure to structure a reception, courses and educational support conducive to a serene school climate: this is how each student’s commitment in his learning path, both academic and educational, and the development of his self-confidence is encouraged.

In practice, the LFSL community is resolutely committed to a sustainable development approach, in particular via its eco-delegates, as evidenced by its EFE3D label (Commitment level); from school children working on the webzine Prim’Time to high school students from the Conseil de la Vie Lycéenne on their Newsletter, passing through the middle school students of the Club Webradio, many of our students enter fully into a practical approach to media education, the challenge for their generation is major; and their involvement is no less strong when it comes to embarking on an educational activity around meeting an artist or a professional, discovering a museum, a city, a country, language or sport practice.

I therefore express the wish that integrating the community of the Lycée Français Saint Louis for a long time to come rhyme with ambition, high standards, success, benevolence, fulfillment and pride, both individual and collective. And I warmly thank the families who, day after day, show their confidence in the school by entrusting their children to it. Without forgetting to underline the strong commitment of the LFSL staff who, throughout the year, make it their duty to work for the benefit of each of our students.


August 14, 2023