Dear Madam / Dear Sir,

 It is with great pleasure that we will meet again on Thursday 26 August 2021 at the Lycée Français Saint Louis in Stockholm, in agreement with the Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger (AEFE).

At this school, with its fascinating history, we gather around the basic common values; respect for others, mutual help, tolerance and equality.

Teaching the French curriculum is at the heart of our activities, while opening up to the host country through special educational supplements (an international section, the Swedish language and optional courses). The French Baccalauréat is the goal of secondary education for all our students. In addition, an OIB or Gymnasium diploma SAM or NAT is offered.

My first words are addressed to the students entrusted to us and I wish them a year 2021-2022 filled with satisfaction and academic success.

The entire staff, and the teachers in particular, are eager to welcome them and to work with their families to help them achieve these goals.

The new school year, in a context that is still unique in terms of health protection, is guided by national, French and Swedish recommendations and directives. A protocol for hygiene practices and educational adaptations at LFSL is therefore available to users on the school’s website.

Level 1 is activated and involves in-class teaching for all pupils in both primary and secondary schools, respecting health recommendations and guidelines (safeguards, social distancing, etc.).

It is not compulsory to wear a protection mask on this day, but it is of course optional for everyone (pupils and staff). Only staff and students are allowed on LFSL premises (except in exceptional cases, if the management gives its permission).

The whole school community (staff, guardians, pupils) is asked to strictly respect this protocol, which will be adapted according to the evolution of the health crisis.

The meetings planned between new parents/teachers on Friday 20 August are therefore cancelled. However, teachers and the health team may request individual meetings for pupils with special needs. During the week of September 6-10, the elementary and high school teachers will schedule video meetings with the families in each class to review expectations and planning for the school year.

Teaching may be developed in the form of in-class and/or distance learning depending on the levels and according to the instructions of our authorities. You will, of course, be informed in advance through the protocol available throughout the year on the website.

During this academic year, we will also continue with our pedagogical actions and projects, aiming at a high quality of teaching (rigour, effort and work are the keys to success). The support of our students for the certifications offered by the school and a chosen direction towards higher education are part of our priorities.

I wish all staff, families and students an excellent school year.

Aurélien Loyson, Headmaster