Vie Scolaire

The « Vie Scolaire » (School Life Service) is dedicated to the Collège & Lycée (Secondary School and High School) and includes the Senior Education Advisor (CPE) and full-time or part-time Education Assistants.

The « Vie Scolaire »  takes care of the students outside the classrooms and courses. Its main mission is to ensure that each student follows his schooling in the best conditions, with respect for people, property and rules of life in community.

The « Vie Scolaire » is a place to receive and listen to students at any time of the day: school related or personal problems, to get information on the daily organisation in collège and lycée.

Educational assistants supervise students mainly during study hours, during breaks between courses and during the lunch break. They have an educational role: respect of the rules, advices, help with homework. They are focusing on the students issues. They also manage absences and delays.

The CPE is in charge of the individual follow-up of students: interview with students and their families about their behavior, working in close collaboration with the school’s health team and the Head teachers. He informs families about any issues with the schooling of their children. He also ensures the organization of the election of class representatives.

Parents are encouraged to consult Pronote regularly (logins sent to families at the beginning of the school year). Most of the communication goes through this interface, including e-mails. Pronote includes student schedules, grades, homework, absences and delays as well as regularly updated information.

The « Vie Scolaire » can be contacted by email viescolaire[a]  

or by phone:

– For Collège : from 07:30 to 17:30 to the tel: 08-441 30 34

– For Lycée : from 07:30 to 18:30 to the tel: 08-441 30 68