LFSL provides resources to help students and their families in their choice of school counselling for the French, Swedish or international higher education system.

The  Swedish Education Coordinator, Rebecca Lemberger, and the Resource Staff for Information and Guidance (PRIO) Olivier Warin, as well as the entire teaching team (Headmaster, CPE, Head teachers , teachers, librarians…) are present to actively prepare students for their choice of orientation.

The CDI and room A8 in the annex provide students with brochures published by ONISEP, issues of the magazine L’Etudiant, as well as information documents sent by higher education institutions.

Digital resources are available to High School students from the school computers : GPO3 orientation education software and ONISEP (Biblionisep) digital brochures.

Useful links:

Internal information site on orientation in the French system

Information on orientation concerning Swedish upper secondary education at the LFSL

Internal information site on orientation concerning Swedish upper secondary education – in Sweden

Option International Baccalaureate (OIB)

Diplôme National du Brevet International (DNBI), (in French and in Swedish)

University Studies in Sweden

Studying in Sweden– Information meeting 17/10-2019 about DNBI / Swedish gymnasium / Gymnasieexamen LFSL / Graduate studies in Sweden

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