Located in the main building, the library (CDI) welcomes all primary and secondary school students in the same place. Whatever their age, they can read or borrow books and magazines there, do research, take part in varioous activities offered by documentalists and teachers, admire exhibitions, meet speakers – so many opportunities to bring this place of culture and knowledge to life together.

We wish you an excellent school year!

Anne Ruchaud & Stéphanie Cozon


  • ÉLÉMENTAIRE : The book loans take place during the slots listed in the timetable for all elementary classes. Pupils who are not registered at the Morning reception and Fritids are authorized to come to the library alone between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and between 3:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to borrow and/or return books.
  • COLLÈGE : Students in Collège can come to the library with the authorization of Vie Scolaire during free periods and after the last hour of class if they have to carry out research requiring the library’s resources.
  • LYCÉE : Student in Lycée (High school) are free to attend the library outside of class hours.

• Parents do not have access to the Library. They can, however, borrow books through their children. The catalogue can be consulted on the  E-SIDOC portal and reservations are made bu email by contacting the librarians.

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a permanent exhibition at the library

A mural project initially planned during the renovation of the library in 2009 is finally seeing the light of day thanks to our colleague Stéphanie Cozon. Trained as a painter, she imagined collages for this place of life and culture that speak to us of art and literature, while adding a very personal touch to each painting.
Designed as a permanent exhibition, these original collages are intended to be a source of inspiration as much as a unique decoration. The first two series of paintings have recently been exhibited at the CDI. Two additional series will emerge as part of this project. The final fresco will cover an area nearly 25 meters long.

Anne Ruchaud, Librarian