Located in the main building, the library (CDI) is conceived as a public space and a meeting place for everyone in the school: students, teachers, school staff and parents.

The conditions are the following:

• The children in the primary school (up to CM2) visit the library together with their classes. They also have access to out-of-class lessons for leaving and / or borrowing books but may not, except in exceptional cases, be there if they are not accompanied by an adult.

• At the middle and upper secondary school (“Collège”), the students come during hole hours and before and after scheduled lessons. They must sign up for “Vie scolaire” first.

• High school students can come and go as they please.

• Parents are welcome between 8:00 and 8:30 and after 15:00.

• The library’s opening hours are here!

In addition to fiction and fact books registered in the library’s database (E-SIDOC), the library has reference works such as lexicon and encyclopedias. We also have a number of newspapers in paper format. Digital resources are available via e-sidoc after login via Pronote.

The computers may only be used for school work.

Contact the library: cdi.lfsl[a]