The School Council (Conseil d’établissement) is the main body ruling on the issues of the school. It is responsible for both primary and secondary levels regarding the school pedagogical matters.

The School Council is a tripartite body with equal numbers of representatives from the Administration, the personnel, the parents and the students.

It meets on ordinary session three times a year on the initiative of the Headmaster.

Members 2022-2023

Administration – Members with voting rights
Mrs Katerina Doytchinov, Conseillère de Coopération et d’action culturelle (COCAC)
Mr Denis Ravaille, Headmaster
Mr. Fabrice Palhies, Directeur Elémentire
Mrs Sarah Lempereur, Assistant Headmaster
Mr Txomin Diaz, Financial Director (DAF)
M. Olivier Cureau, Conseiller Principal d’Éducation (CPE)

Members with an advisory capacity
Mr. Olivier Priou, Consul of France
Mrs. Nadine Pripp, Consular adviser
Mrs. Nathalie Parmegiani, Consular adviser
Mr. Hicham Mokrani, Consular adviser
Mrs. Noémie Altschul, Consular adviser
Mrs. Béatrice-Ulrika Mozis, HR Director
Mrs. Åsa Conway, Language Coordinator
Miss Tess Le Riche, Vice-president CVL

Representatives of the secondary level teachers
Mr. Laurent Boudrique
Mrs. Hélène Lacouque

Representatives of the primary level teachers
Mrs. Hélène Antropius
Mrs. Eva Jolly

Mrs. Anne Rougnaux

Personnel representative
Mr. Frédéric Vinazza

Parent representatives
Mrs. Melina Bardin
Mrs. Bénédicte Berké
Mr. Jean-Christophe Dollé
Mrs. Séverine Feuermann

Mrs. Anne Palmqvist
Mr. Kevin Renaudin
Mr. Fabrice Donguy

Student representatives
Mr. Vincent Holmgren
Mr. Joseph Mahé

Mr. Adam El Gharbi
Mme Naima Winroth Rousseau

In order to get in contact with the School Council, please turn to the secretarial office: secretariat@lfsl.net

To contact the parents’ representatives:

Minutes from the School Counsil meetings (in French): CE Minutes