The School Council (Conseil d’établissement) is the main body ruling on the issues of the school. It is responsible for both primary and secondary levels regarding the school pedagogical matters.

The School Council is a tripartite body with equal numbers of representatives from the Administration, the personnel, the parents and the students.

It meets on ordinary session three times a year on the initiative of the Headmaster.

For the year 2018/2019, the members are :

n :

–  Mr Laurent Cantuel, Headmaster

–  Mr Txomin Diaz, Financial Director

–  Mrs Emmanuelle Swynghedauw, COCAC

Representatives of the secondary level teachers :

–  Mrs Tessa Lundqvist

Personnel representative : (no member)

Representatives of the primary level teachers : (no member)

Parent representatives :

–  Mr Régis Blanchot

–  Mr Eric Bonnel

–  Mr Jean-Stéphane Blondet

 Student representatives

–  Sergi Valls, student representative (Lycée)

–  Jules Tatti, student representative (Collège)

–  William Pleyers, student representative (Lycée)

–  Juliette Morand, vice-president of the Student Life Council

Members with an advisory seat

–  Mrs Nadine Pripp, Consulate representative

–  Mrs Nathalie Parmegianni, Consulate representative

–  Mrs Rebecca Lemberger, Swedish Coordinator

– Mr Maël Renault, Primary level Director

– Mr Olivier Cureau, Principal Educational Advisor