Equal treatment plan

All students have the right to protection against discrimination, harassment and degrading treatment in school.

Since January 1, 2009, this protection has been regulated by the Discrimination Act and the Schools Act in Sweden.
According to this law, the school curriculum must operate in such a way as to ensure equitable treatment of each individual, while constantly claiming equality for everyone with regard to the rights and duties of all within the establishment.

The Lycée Français Saint Louis works to fight discrimination and offensive treatment, through the Equal Treatment Plan.
We work through this plan to ensure that no one feels insecure or is exposed to discrimination, harassment or any other offensive treatment within the foundation.
It is the responsibility of all staff to take action at all times if a student is subjected to abuse, bullying, or a student who feels bad.

Every year, we conduct a questionnaire survey at school. The results and the interviews on the health by the school nurse form the basis of the reflections and the objectives that we put in place within the school.

The school must continue to work towards equal treatment.
Therefore, each year we assess the needs and areas for improvement of the establishment in order to define the subjects on which we must work so that everyone can feel safe and treated fairly.