Equal treatment plan

Lycée Français Saint Louis 2019-2020


All students have the right to protection against discrimination, bullying and degrading treatment at school.
At Lycée Français Saint Louis we have a common plan against discrimination and abusive treatment: the Equal treatment plan.
Here you can read how we work to treat everyone equally, respect each other and make everyone feel safe and happy.

We are an international school which provides a natural meeting place for students and staff from all over the world, with widely diverse origins, cultures and life histories. All students have the same right to be treated with respect, to take part in the education and to develop as individuals feeling secure.

Our vision is that no one should feel insecure or be exposed to discrimination, harassment or any other abusive treatment within the Lycée Français Saint Louis foundation. It is the Board of the Foundation which has the overall responsibility for the entire foundation and the Headmaster who is responsible for the school. All staff are responsible for always take action if they see a student being harassed, discriminated or if they see a student who is feeling unwell.

Every year, we conduct a survey with all the students at the school (from CP-Terminal), the results from it and the school nurse’s health talk form the basis for what goals have at the school.

This year’s goals are: (coming soon)

If you or someone else is being treated unfairly or ill, it’s important to inform the school. Talk primarily to your head teacher, Vie scolaire or the curator, the important thing is to tell someone what happened so that the school can take action.

Examples of bad behavior may be:
• If you hit, push or grab someone in an inappropriate way.
• If you threatened, talk to someone in an unpleasant way or spread false rumors about someone.
• If you write bad things about someone or post pictures against someone’s will on the internet / social media.
• If you are teased because you have different educational backgrounds or look different.
If you treat someone badly many times it is called bullying. We do not accept bullying at Lycée Français Saint Louis.

It is important to understand that bullying and offenses are not equal to conflict. At Lycée Français Saint Louis we use school mediation for conflicts.
Mediation is a concrete tool that handles both small and large conflicts, with few or many involved. Mediation is about allowing those involved in the conflict to deal with it with one or two adults leading the mediation.
See more at (in Swedish): http://www.medlingscentrum.se/conflict management_skola/

Discrimination of people is prohibited. Discrimination means treating someone unfairly. According to Swedish law, there are seven grounds for discrimination. All people have the same rights no matter who you are.
The grounds of discrimination, and explanation:
• Ethnic affiliation: National or ethnic origin, skin color or other similar relationship.
• Disabilities: Physical or mental limitations.
• Gender: Being a woman or a man.
• Gender identity: Someone does not define himself as a woman or a man or expresses another gender.
• Religion: People’s belief in different gods and religions.
• Sexual orientation: Gay, bisexual or heterosexual.
• Age: It is forbidden to discriminate against anyone because of age / how many years you are.