The educational paths (Parcours éducatifs) set up by the Ministry of National Education in France aim to follow the work of the student in these different areas throughout his life at school.


From 6ème to Terminale, the future path allows each student to gradually build their orientation and discover the economic and professional world. It set up to :

– Understand the economic and professional world as well as the diversity of professions and training
– Develop a sense of commitment and initiative
– Elaborate its educational and professional orientation project.

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The artistic and cultural path is all the knowledge, experiences, meetings acquired by the students  in the fields of arts and heritage, during teaching, specific projects, educational activities, inside and outside of school.

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The health path helps to provide students with favorable conditions for learning and acquire the knowledge, skills and culture in order to become responsible citizens. It helps  create a supportive school environment and is a key element for a School of well-being and caring. The health condition is a major component of well-being. It is necessary to develop knowledge of health and behavior right from childhood. The school is the best place, where students spends more than a third of their time, and it is the most appropriate place for egalitarian acquisition of  knowledge on health and behavior, by addressing students from different families and socio-economic backgrounds.

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The citizen path is part of the student’s overall project. It is intended for citizens who are becoming aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities. Backed by all the teachings, in particular moral and civic education, media and information education, the citizen path provides the values and principles of the Republic and the life in democratic societies. It’s included the teaching during school time, but also all the activities during inside and outside of school.

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