the pedagogical team

The pedagogical team of Lycée Français Saint Louis in Stockholm consists of French expatriated teachers with French National Education diplomas, and qualified French, Francophone, English or Swedish teachers, recruited locally.

The teaching team has significant experience in elementary and secondary education. The transmission of knowledge is the primary role of a teacher and our teachers are recognized for their expertise in this field. The LFSL’s school project encourages the teacher to have a broader vision and a caring approach in favor of the interest and well-being of the child, his independence in order to prepare students to become responsible citizens.

The role of the Head Teacher

In the Collège/Lycée teaching teams, the head teachers’ missions concern all levels, from “6ème” to “Terminale”. Their role is essential to student success and orientation.

The head teacher makes the link, for his class, between all the staff that accomanies the student: teachers, the CPE, the health and management team. He is also the main contact for the family. Sometimes, the head teacher monitors specific pedagogical support provided to a student with special educational needs. Within the class, the head teacher is to focus on all students and good communication. He organizes and animates the “heure de vie de classe” (class life hour ) and manages conflicts regarding students in his class, with CPE, the Health team and the Headmaster. In connection with the CPE, he organizes the elections of the delegates.

The headteacher’s work is part of the Futur Path (Parcours Avenir). The head teacher helps students in their choice of orientation and explains to students and their families the process for school counselling in high school or higher education.

At the beginning of the school year, a meeting with the elementary teacher or the head teacher is organized during which he will give you the contacts.