Welcome to LFSL preschool!

The foundation runs a preschool according to the Swedish curriculum with a French language focus. The majority of children have French as their mother tongue or are bilingual French/Swedish, but all children are welcome.

Here the children meet well-trained, committed and creative educators who attach great importance to the development of each individual child. The preschool consists of five departments, adapted to the children’s age, interests and needs.

Each department is structured in the same way and follows the same routines with both guided and free activities, either in whole group or in small groups.

We teach language and mathematics through play and daily dialog. We offer children materials that increase vocabulary and encourage linguistic understanding, mathematical thinking and problem solving. In creative and fine motor skills, children can paint, draw, cut, paste and do crafts. They also learn different creative techniques and patterns. In science, children learn about plants, animals and the natural cycle. They are encouraged to explore, ask questions, hypothesize and find answers. We work with science both in small groups and in whole groups. One morning a week there are nature walks in the local area or longer excursions. It is important for us that the children learn to protect the environment.

During free play, children have access to all materials. Language, games and puzzles allow children to develop their mathematical and logical thinking. They learn to communicate with each other and practice winning and losing. Through role play, children build their self-confidence and social skills and try out different roles regardless of gender.

Every day we are outside in one of our two courtyards. The larger one has a large climbing frame, swings, boxes filled with toys and more. The smaller yard is adapted to the younger children and has a climbing frame, swings, sandbox and more.

Each department has its own library, a quiet and cozy corner furnished with pillows, blankets and stuffed animals. Here, children can discover the joys of letters, text and different types of literature and develop both language and imagination.

We also have access to both a Swedish and a French library where we often borrow books to offer the children a varied selection of literature and inspire reading and language learning.

Several times during the school year we go to the theater, museums and concerts. We also visit the various parks around the preschool or playgrounds further away.

Applying for a place

To put your child in the queue for our preschool, please go to: In order to register your child for the queue, the child must have a Swedish personal identity number. The application is made digitally via Bank ID or in writing on a form.

The allocation of places is based on the capacity of the preschool and according to the following priority criteria:
1) Sibling priority (brothers and sisters already attending the preschool)
2) Registration date in the queue

N.B Families who are not registered in Sweden can call or email Kontaktcenter Förskola i Stockholms stad for more information. Phone: +46 (8) 508 11 550

The preschool fee is calculated according to the City of Stockholm’s “maxtaxa”, which is linked to the family’s income.


  • A place at the preschool does not automatically guarantee a place for the child at the International school.
  • As the preschool enrolment process is separate from the International school, this means that siblings may be offered a place at the International school, but not always at the preschool.