Lycée Français Saint Louis offers child care for children between 1 and 5 years of age through the preschool, which has the special feature of being bilingual, French and Swedish, and preparing the children’s future with commitment and knowledge

The preschool follows the Swedish curriculum (Lpfö 18) and the Swedish School Act.

The Lycée Français Saint Louis was founded in 1959 and is governed by the Lycée Français Saint Louis Foundation in Stockholm. The foundation operates two units; a preschool and an international school.

The international school, which follows the French curriculum, receives pupils from first grade in primary school up to and including last year in High School and has an agreement with AEFE (Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger).

“The preschool should stimulate children’s development and learning and provide the children with a safe care. The business must be based on a holistic view of the child and the child’s needs and be designed so that care, development and learning form a whole, and for continued education “(Chapter 8, Section 2 of the School Act)”.

Most of the children at the preschool have French as their mother tongue or are bilingual French / Swedish. However, everyone is welcome. After the preschool, most children continue their education at the International school, Lycée Français Saint Louis.

The staff works in both languages ​​in parallel and includes both Swedish-speaking and French-speaking pedagogues.

The preschool premises are located in a separate part of the same house as the elementary school, which means the possibility of close cooperation and a smooth transition from preschool to school for the children.
There is access to both a French and a Swedish library in the building, where the children are often taken to read and borrow books. The preschool also has access to the school’s aula, which is used for movement play and gymnastics.

The preschool has two playgrounds – one at the back of the house, which is suitable for the younger children, and a larger yard, which is a secluded and protected part of the schoolyard.
The schoolyard offers the children many play opportunities with playhouse, swing boards and sandbox.

The children are out at least once every day – they are received in the yard in the morning and go out again after lunch. One day of the week all morning is spent outdoors, with relaxation in the nature in the local area or with longer excursions. Several times during the school year, various excursions are made to go to the theater, museums and concerts.

Lycée Français preschool complies with Stockholm city guidelines and rules for timetables.
When the preschool is closed, childcare is offered at another preschool.

Lycée Français pre-school applies “max-taxa”, a fee set by Stockholms Stad, based on the household’s income, with a cost ceiling.