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LFSL is committed to maintaining effective and fluid communication with parents. The ideas and suggestions of the entire educational community are welcome and are an opportunity to improve and develop our school.

Parents must first of all favor an exchange with the teacher or the person concerned. Teachers, staff and the management team are open to meet to discuss all aspects of the child’s schooling in the LFSL.

Concerning emails, the staff must answer within a reasonable time, sometimes a longer delay is needed to make it possible to obtain all the elements in order to bring a suitable answer.

According to the school law, chapter 4 – article 8, a service has been set up to receive comments and complaints coordinated by the Quality Manager. Here is the process to follow in case of complaints:

Step 1 – Contact the person concerned
Contact the person concerned by the subject of the complaint directly by asking for an appointment or by email.

Step 2 – Contact the Head Teacher or the Direct Manager
In case of no desire to contact the person directly or in case of no resolution of the problem in the first step, refer to his direct manager with the exception of high school teachers, where the reference person will be the head teacher.

Step 3 – Contact the Management
If you are still dissatisfied with the way your case is handled, please contact the Headmaster, who will investigate the complaint and keep you informed of any actions taken.

Step 4 – Contact the Board
If you are still not satisfied, you can contact LFSL’s board by filling out the form below. We have a coordinator who handles comments and complaints and who leads the process regarding questions to the Board. The coordinator forwards your request to the right department and follows the process to ensure that it is reviewed and that a plan is developed to handle the reported problems, if necessary.
After sending the form you will receive a confirmation of receipt. We will then send you an answer within two weeks. Sometimes a complaint may be of a complex nature or for some other reason take longer to investigate and respond to; if we need more than two weeks to do so, we will let you know.

All complaints are reviewed, monitored and documented by the coordinator for comments and complaints. He writes a report on the nature of the complaints and the actions taken, which is forwarded to the Board of Directors.

The data is treated confidentially and in compliance with the GDPR

For comments and complaints regarding school meals, we ensure that these are passed on to the responsible principal.

Note that no data is saved or submitted until you press the “Submit” button on the last page of the form

Comments and complaints form