Collège – return on site

Dear parents, dear pupils,

On-site teaching for students in collège will start on May 18 & 19, 2020 (depending on the class). The educational and administrative teams have mobilized to ensure that this return to school takes place in the best conditions of safety for staff and students.

Protecting the health of each student and each staff member remains a top priority, we will keep maintaining efforts to limit the spread of covid-19, and best protect populations at risk. We have thought about a resumption plan focusing on reducing the number of students in the common areas (corridors, playground, canteen) in order to allow the best possible respect for physical distancing measures and to minimize the spread of the virus.

Below you will find a document presenting the new methods and organization of this “new” return to Collège.
The new timetables will be visible in Pronote.

Thank you for reading this document carefully and draw your attention to a few points:

  • Stay or keep your child at home if in doubt, the student’s temperature will be measured every morning before entering the school.
  • Read and respect the indications on hygiene and circulation measures and in particular the wearing of a mandatory mask (a cloth mask will be provided by the LFSL).
  • Students must not be in the building outside the hours provided in the timetable and families must not enter the school for any reason, if you need to join the school you can communicate by email with your contact or by phone (you can reach the secretariat at +46 8 441 3030).

Students will be received by their head teacher. They will start their new timetable with two hours of HVC (Heure de vie de classe, replacing the course indicated) in order to be able to inform & raise awareness about these new methods and to answer questions.
o 6A Tuesday 9.30 / 6B Tuesday 8.30 / 6C Tuesday 10.40
o 5A 5B Monday 8.30
o 4A Monday 9.30 / 4B Monday 8.30 / 4C Monday 10.40
o 3A 3B Tuesday 8.30

It is essential for this return to school to be carried out under the best possible conditions that everyone demonstrates civility, mutual aid, respect and responsibility.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information and we wish our teachers and our students of the Collège a good return to school on site.

Laurent Cantuel