COVID-19 – Information 2020-03-16

Dear Parents,

As announced on Friday, the AEFE part of the LFSL (Elementary, Collège and Lycée) has decided to no longer welcome students from this day on the premises and to set up distance education until further notice.

This decision, taken in agreement with the Board of Directors and the French Embassy, follows France’s directives in the fight against the Covid-19. The Swedish authorities have not yet taken the same measures as France or its neighboring countries (Denmark, Norway) nevertheless the safety instructions and rules are being reinforced at school level and it is the responsibility of each school’s head in Sweden to take whatever action they deem necessary.

Parents who are working in the medical sector and more specifically in the management of Covid-19, can contact the administration in the event of major childcare difficulties, we will try together to find an appropriate solution.

In order to follow up on the development of the situation, please send us any information if your child or you test positive for Covid-19 by email .

About pedagogical continuity, it is important to set up a structure as much as possible during the student’s day and to avoid groupings.

  • For Collège & Lycée, a meeting took place this morning with the teachers and the modalities will be sent to you during the day.
  • For elementary, a meeting will take place this afternoon and information will be sent to you at the end.
  • If families encounter problems to ensure this continuity due to a lack of suitable equipment (computer or wifi), please notify us by email and we can consider a computer loan in the limit of available stocks.

For information, a hotline will be provided every day from 9.30 to 12.30. Visits will be made by appointment only between 9.00 and 16.00.
If you have any questions, you can write to .

It’s important to us to maintaining dialogue with families in this uncertain and unusual situation. However, we ask you to show understanding in the implementation of its measures and we will not fail to keep you informed of the measures taken according to the evolution of the situation.


Laurent Cantuel