“Endlich meine Shültute!” – Finally My “School Cone”!

What a great surprise at the beginning of the school year!!

It was not so much learning the German alphabet or the days and months that enthused the 25 students in the 5th grade, who started in German as LV2, but it was the famous “Schultüten”.

Usually, it is the young German students who start first grade in school who are offered their “school bag”. Parents and grandparents struggle to secretly make the most beautiful Schultüten, which they then fill with school supplies, a mini-cuddly toy, irresistible Haribo and many other things …

At LFSL, we have adapted this tradition …

In June 2020, back from a long period of distance learning at home, the then German students in 5th grade took the opportunity to, with great joy, make their own Schultüten for their future classmates who would start German to celebrate their debut in the German language. A real art class!

In August 2020, they polished their decorations and filled them with everything that some German institutions in Stockholm had generously sent us.

And it was in a good mood and with pride that three Germanists in the 4th grade came to hand out their so called “Schultüten”.

All that remained for the students in the 5th grade was to work well in class to be able to answer the postcards that were found in the cones, among balloons in Germany’s colors and the embassy pen …

Thank you to the students in 4ème for their participation and their enthusiasm!

Thanks to the German Embassy in Sweden, the Swedish-German Chamber of Commerce and the Goethe-Institut in Stockholm for their generosity.

Ein tolles neues Schuljahr an allen!