French education abroad – testimonies

Students, alumni, staff and parents of the AEFE network have the word! Through their experiences and perspectives, witnesses share what they see as the strengths of the AEFE network, with its 540 schools in 138 countries bringing together more than 365,000 students, and the strengths of the French education system, which contributes to France’s influence abroad.

Gonzalo, former student
“The alumni network is for life! “

Karine, teacher
“What I particularly like about the institutions of the AEFE network is that they combine the French education system with the local culture. “

Alexandre, parent of a student
“The AEFE made it easier. This allows for continuity from one school to another. “

Chavy, former student
“What strikes me the most is the teaching of languages. It gives me an incredible baggage! “

Elena, head of establishment
“For me, the AEFE represents all the values ​​we have in our beautiful country of France: universalism, critical thinking, the Enlightenment, etc. “

Somalia, former student
“You realize this when you come back to France, when you apply to universities abroad, etc. : for me, the AEFE really makes the difference! “

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