Headmaster’s message

Dear Madam / Dear Sir,

It is with great pleasure that I join the community of the Lycée Français de Stockholm under agreement with the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE).

This one, rich in a passionate and fascinating history, invites us to unite around fundamental common values ​​of respect for others, mutual aid, tolerance and equality.

My first words are for the students entrusted to us in order to wish them a year 2020-2021 of fulfillment and academic success.

The staff as a whole, and in particular the teachers, are eager to welcome them and to work in conjunction with the families in order to support them towards these objectives.

This school year in a unique context of health protection, is governed by national, French and Swedish recommendations and directives. A health and educational protocol adapted to the LFSL and evolving is therefore available to users on the site of the establishment.

Strict compliance with this protocol, which will adapt to the evolution of the health crisis, is required of the entire school community (staff, legal representatives, students).

Thus, the back-to-school meetings between legal responsibles / teachers are canceled. However, individual appointments can be requested with teachers and the health team for students with special needs. I will have the opportunity myself and the new Assistant Headmaster, Mrs. Sarah Lempereur, to greet each of you on various occasions.

Teaching is at the site at the start of the school year for all levels, from elementary to high school, respecting health measures and recommendations (barrier gestures, social distancing, etc.).

The teaching could possibly evolve on site and / or on distance according to the levels and according to the instructions of our authorities. You will of course be informed in advance in the protocol available on the site all year round.

This school year will also see the continuation of our educational actions and projects as well as the search for educational excellence (rigor, effort and hard work are the keys to success). Supporting our students towards the diplomas offered by the establishment and a chosen orientation towards higher education are part of our priorities.

I wish all staff, families and students a excellent school year.

Aurelien Loyson