Information concerning the works in the school yard

We’d like to give you some information about the work in the yard carried out by the company SISAB, owner of the buildings.

In the last few days, a lot of work has been done to protect the construction area (installation of an external security fence 1 meter from the inner fence) to ensure the safety of all users. We continue the discussions with SISAB and the company in charge of the works to coordinate and secure this area while ensuring the fulfillment of the requirements for ordinary security.

Week 37 (9-13 September) – The works prior to the construction of the pavilion have started: preparation of the ground, picketing, ground works … and will last about 4 weeks.
Week 41 (October 7-11) – Preliminary week for the removal and assembly of the pavilion.
Week 50 (December 9-13) – The pavilion assembly should be completed according to SISAB.

SISAB will install a bulletin board in the coming weeks at the main entrance to provide ongoing information on the progress of the work.

A protection has been put in place on the grids to avoid the view of the building site and to minimize the risks for all users. We recommend that you use the entry at Vänskapsvägen and no longer access through Essingestråket.

We are aware of the inconvenience to students and families and thank you for your understanding.