Integration Day

The 5ème welcome the 6ème via a Great Integration Game in the corridors of LFSL!

This Friday, August 26, a big game entitled “The Clues of Saint Louis” was organized within the LFSL.
Goal ? To welcome new students in 6èmes to the school, make them meet the teachers and help them find their way around the building.
For this, teams composed of students in 6ème and 5ème had a roadmap to go in search of clues in order to discover the mystery phrase leading them to the final round!

After two hours of sporting events, charades, puzzles to be solved in mathematics and in French, activities in Swedish, English, Music and Arts and passing by the “Vie Scolaire” to fully understand the functioning of the school, the students were able to enjoy a free snack as well as get some goodies bearing the LFSL logo.

In short, a great day of cohesion and mutual aid to start the school year off right.