L’Orchestre des Lycées Français du Monde Gives Concerts in Vienna and in Paris

Lycée Français Saint Louis in Stockholm can proudly announce that two of our students in 5ème; Hannah Bruneau (cello) and August Hamelin Ekman (horn) have been selected among over 300 candidates to play in the L’Orchestre des Lycées Français du Monde (OLFM) 2020.

The orchestra consists of 72 instrumentalists with 30 different nationalities from 42 different countries.
This is the sixth season for the OLFM project and throughout the week the musicians have devoted themselves to rehearsals in the Molière studio in Vienna to prepare for the concert on February 7, under the guidance of Adriana Tanu and with Jean-Baptiste Cougul as choir conductor.

The program includes, among others. works by J. Offenbach, E. Satie, A. Dvoràk, Edith Piaf, as well as African songs and a concerto for double bass and orchestra.

In total, OLFM will give two concerts, the first will take place in the Molière studio in Vienna on February 7 and the second concert on April 25 in the Auditorium de Radio France, in Paris.

See the concert February 7 at 19.30 live:

Complete presentation of OLFM 2020

For more information, visit AEFE’s website: AEFE-OLFM