Modalities of pedagogical continuity

Dear parents, Dear students,

During this period, when the LFSL no longer accomodates any students in its premises, the teachers will have to keep in touch with their pupils from 6ème to Terminale and ensure pedagogical continuity from school or from their home.
Several teachers met today to think about pedagogical continuity and define some main operating principles.
However, each teacher will take the necessary time to set up this new way of teaching and will keep their freedom in the choice of methods / tools used.

Work time
It will not be possible to follow the timetable in Pronote hour by hour. Some teachers may be ill or unavailable in the time slots.
The students will therefore need to organize their work weekly, here is an indication of the schedule according to the levels:

  • 3 to 4 hours of work / day for students in collège.
  • 5h to 6h work / day for students in Lycée.


  • Pronote and the LFSL email address will be the main tools to use as a basis for communication. Pronote will indicate the work to be done; lessons and corrections of exercises will be shared via this tool.
  • Some teachers will be able to offer students the possibility of exchanging via messaging / chats if necessary (Team, skype …) and others will use video conferencing tools like Discord, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Google Hangout or Skype.
  • Each teacher will send a message to their class about their way of working.


  • In the first weeks, a simple knowledge check can be done at the end of the week via the quiz tool in Pronote.
  • If the distance education were to last longer, each teacher will have to think about their own assessment process.

The class teachers will remain available for students in order to be able to gather their questions or concerns regarding this situation.
We trust our students to use this unprecedented period as an opportunity to discover new working methods and demonstrate autonomy and self-discipline.

Laurent Cantuel, Headmaster
and the teaching team.