Student Graduation Ceremony 2023 !

On Friday 16 June, the traditional Student Graduation Ceremony took place to celebrate the end of secondary school for the students in Terminale and their entry into the world of higher education.

Dressed in their caps, the students and their teachers were welcomed into the Aula by their fellow first-year highschool students under a hedge of red roses.

The ceremony was then an opportunity for the French Ambassador in Sweden, Mr. Etienne de Gonneville, the Headmaster, Mr. Denis Ravaille, and the Deputy Headmasters, Mrs Åsa Conway and Mrs Sarah Lempereur, to congratulate the students in their respective speeches on their achievements, as well as the teaching teams and all the members of staff who have accompanied them on their journey. Not forgetting their families, who were present in large numbers on Friday and had provided essential support for their success.

Four students received an award of excellence for their incredible academic achievements, before five representatives of their graduating class gave lively speeches, alternating between collective assessment, heartfelt thanks and enthusiastic projection into the future. The ceremony continued with the individual and moving handing out of the Swedish highschool diploma and several language certifications depending on the students’ background, accompanied for all of them by a graduation gift from the LFSL.

This unifying moment ended with the traditional “Studentsången” song, sung by the students and vigorously taken up by the audience, accompanied by a school ensemble, before the no less traditional “utspring” run in the schoolyard. A buffet and a drinks awaited the audience and the students.

The LFSL looked forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 27 June for the results of the Baccalauréat, which undoubtedly brought the Class of 2023 to a fitting conclusion.