“Urban Walks” in Stockholm

As part of an AEFE project in the ZENOS zone – “urban walks” – the 2nd year students of the Literature & Society option last year completed a project that was carried out during the second half of the year. This project ended with an urban walk, ie a field survey to see the city differently. The theme was about writers in the city of Stockholm.

We did some research on the traces left by the writers and, in the end, without being able to see it every time we walk in the Swedish capital, we discovered that Stockholm is full of places, parks, statues, sculptures, plates … that refer to literature.

The Aula LFSL was our starting point because, if you pay attention, a portrait of the 2008 Nobel Prize, J.M.G Le Clézio is there. That year, he visited our LFSL students and believe it or not, he arrived in a limousine and white basketball shoes!
Then we left in the footsteps of writers like Stieg Larsson, Astrid Lindgren, René Descartes, Stig Dagerman, August Strindberg … from Södermalm to Gamla Stan via Vasastan …

Here is the result of their work. Come with us “sing the Stockholm Writers Walk

You can find the work of our high school students on the AEFE website