Writer-journalist Olivier Truc at LFSL

Friday, September 25 2020, the LFSL students in Terminale had the pleasure of meeting the writer and journalist Mr. Olivier Truc, who came to present his book, L’Affaire Nobel (September 2019).
Fully in line with the “Future course” as well as that of Media and Information Education, this intervention prepared by History and Geography teacher Mr. Antoine Vermauwt, in collaboration with Librarian Mrs. Anne Ruchaud, was first thought to coincide with the “Press week” which should have been held last March. But the global health crisis had decided otherwise, and the meeting was postponed. Event postponed, therefore!

On Friday, our students in Terminale, who had read the book last spring and prepared reading sheets, were able to hear Mr. Truc, former correspondent for Le Monde in Stockholm, first of all narrate the development of his book and explain the themes that he raises there.

A rich exchange followed, fueled by the many questions prepared by our students, during which the journalist and writer was able to address themes as diverse and fascinating as those of the history of the Swedish model, cause in recent years, the French and Swedish media landscape, the place and condition of women in both countries, but also, to talk about his current novel and journalistic projects, which were of particular interest to final year students in the “Geopolitics” specialty.