Cap Delivery Ceremony – Mösspåtagningen

With a bit of delay due to the sanitary situation and respecting the safety measures, the students of Terminales received this May 26 their caps. Ms. Rebecca Lemberger, Swedish Teaching Coordinator, began this outdoor ceremony by talking about the symbolic value and the tradition of the cap. In Sweden, a cap is indeed given to the students of Terminale, as a symbol of the end of studies in high school. After the ceremony, students have the right to wear it whenever they want, even during lessons, until they obtain their Baccalaureate, as allows the tradition.

Mr. Cantuel, Headmaster, was also there to take the opportunity to congratulate the students of Terminale who he said did a remarkable job despite the complex situation due to distance education. Accompanied by LFSL’s music teacher Mr. Alexandre Pier Federici, the ceremony concluded with the traditional song “Studentsången”, which students must learn by heart for the Cap Ceremony to be held on June 12 in a select committee.

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