COVID-19: Information and FAQ

Dear Parents,

We have just been told that pupils in the “élémentaire” and at the “förskola” were officially diagnosed with Covid-19 last week. Many parents have also informed us that their children (at the “förskola”, élémentaire and collège) have illness symptoms similar to those of Covid-19, but that tests could not be performed. We therefore ask you to remain vigilant about these symptoms and to keep your children at home in case of the slightest signs of illness.

We remind you of the hygiene recommendations that prevents the spread of the virus. It is everyone’s responsibility to carefully follow these recommendations:

  • Wash your hands frequently and carefully.
  • Coughing or sneezing in the arm fold or in a handkerchief.
  • Greet without taking a hand or kissing.
  • Use disposable handkerchiefs and then throw them away.
  • Refrain from visiting elderly or at-risk groups to avoid them getting infected.
  • Keep 1.5 to 2 meters distance to other people.
  • Refrain from crowds, limit how you move and who you meet.
  • At the slightest symptoms (cough, fever, sniff) stay at home and avoid meeting people.
  • Wash your clothes at 60 degrees.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that the school’s distance education will continue until otherwise announced. We will keep you informed about the events in Sweden and how we will continue with distance education at élémentaire and collège.

When it comes to preschool, several of the staff are not present and our normal capacity can therefore not be guaranteed. However, “förskolan”is open to those children whose parents have a strong need for care. As we informed you last week, we mainly think of families who have special needs for care. We would like to ask you to keep in touch with the class teachers in each department to be able to plan staff schedules and food orders. Children who show the slightest symptoms of illness should not be at “förskolan”. If we notice that a child shows signs of illness, we will immediately ask the parents to pick them up. You who have the opportunity to have the children at home help us reduce the number of children and to minimize the risk of infection.

Élémentaire, Collège and Lycée
At the school, which has an agreement with AEFE, today, given the decisions made in France for the AEFE employed teachers and regarding the epidemiological and practical precautions, we cannot ensure a school environment at an acceptable level for staff and students. For this reason, we decided to switch to distance learning. The situation will, of course, be regularly evaluated by AEFE, the management and the board. Today, unfortunately even a partial opening for teaching at school at élémentaire and collège is unthinkable.
Parents with an absolute need for their children to be received can contact the school. Together we’ll try to find solutions to receive or support the students. This decision is made by the Headmaster.
Below you find a link to a document (in French) to answer your questions regarding this situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions aby sending an email to:


Laurent Cantuel, Rector
Katarina Koto, Head of Preschool

FAQ Document (in French)