Covid-19 Information before the holidays

Dear teachers, dear parents, dear students,

We have achieved the 4th week of distance learning. I take note of the work achieved by each of you to ensure its success: the investment of teachers, the perseverance of students and the support of parents. I want to sincerely thank you all for your involvement and your support.

The school calendar gives us a 2-week break of distance education, starting Thursday evening.
Questions are already being asked about April 27. The situation is evolving every day, it is difficult to plan for 15 days in advance.
The Board will meet during the 2nd week of vacation to make the appropriate decisions. We share below, for transparency, the different options.

Hypothesis 1: Closure of schools in Sweden
The Government introduced legislation in Parliament to be able to take the necessary actions based on the health situation in Sweden. We currently have no visibility regarding government decisions in the coming two weeks. If a decision to close the schools were to be made, the distance education at the LFSL would continue from April 27th.

Hypothesis 2: Swedish schools remain open, but the health situation is still critical
If the health situation is still critical or worsening, the reasons given for setting up distance education at the LFSL will still be valid.
As an International school, the students and staff are spread out all over Stockholm (and in neighboring cities), to make them travel every day to go to the premises would go against the recommendations of the health authorities to limit travel and the use of public transport.
However, we are aware of difficulties with distance education for some families. After the holidays, staff representatives will meet to discuss with management the security measures required for a partial reception at school for certain families. Before that, we must assemble the CHSCT (a health & safety and working conditions committee). We will get back to you once this agreement is finalized.
For information, the LFSL does not have the necessary equipment to provide distance education for part of the students and face-to-face education for another part. Consequently, if there were to be a partial reception, it would only be to supervise the students and teaching and distance eductaion would continue.

Hypothesis 3: The health situation is improving
If the health situation improves we will also study with the staff representatives the modalities of reopening the buildings. It will nevertheless be necessary to ensure that the barrier measures can be respected, we will take the necessary time to make the arrangements to be able to welcome the students in the best conditions and ensure safety for them and staff.

We will come back to you during the holidays to inform you of the decisions that will be made.

We inform you that there will be a permanence during the holidays:

  • Psychological support will be offered by Kajsa Niklasson during the first week and by all the health and Vie Scolaire teams during the second week, please do not hesitate to contact them.
  • The cell relating to the management of Covid19 will always be active and you can send your questions to , we will answer them as far as possible.

I wish you all a Happy Easter, take care of yourself and your loved ones.
I wish the students a good holiday, take a break and enjoy the first days of spring.


Laurent Cantuel