Covid-19 Return to teaching in the premises

Dear Parents and Dear Students,

First and foremost, we want to thank our teachers, our students and their parents for the commitment you have shown during this unprecedented period and for succeeding in overcoming all barriers to enable a well-functioning distance education.

In connection with LFSL switching to distance education 6 weeks ago, other countries in Scandinavia, the International schools in Stockholm and schools in France closed their premises. For our students and teachers, who are made up of an international group of people and who had just traveled extensively the week before, the risk was increased. We did not then know that Sweden would have a different attitude and we did not know how long the situation would last.

Throughout this period, we have been paying close attention to the events and recommendations that have come from Swedish as well as French authorities and we must now adapt to this particular situation and think about adapting our operations.

On the basis of supporting documents that have been prepared in collaboration with staff, parents and the protection committee, it was decided at the board meeting that took place on Tuesday, April 28, to return to teaching in the school premises. This return will be made provided all sanitary measures included in document below (see link) are met. We want you to take part in these actions and are grateful that you follow them.

We pay special attention to two points:

  • No adult (except staff) will have access to the school premises. In the school yard, a barrier will be set up so that the parents do not get in physical contact with the teachers, discussions between families and staff must continue at a distance.
  • Every morning, our educators will use boiler thermometers to check the temperature of all students before entering the school building. All students who have more than 37.7 ° will be sent home. The parents are contacted immediately to come and fetch the child.

The return to teaching on the school premises will be according to the following schedule:


  • Return to teaching on the school premises on Thursday, May 7 for all classes.
  • Create one virtual class per grade for absent students.
  • Collaboration with school staff during the school day to enable work in smaller groups.


  • Return to teaching in the school premises on Monday, May 18 to initially focus our efforts on the return to élémentaire (low and middle school).
  • The schedule will be changed to combine attendance at school premises in smaller groups with continued distance education.


  • Continued distance education for everyone until the end of the school year.
  • Opportunity to temporarily receive students to, for example, take an oral exam in French.

Please send all questions to there is also a FAQ (see link below) that allows everyone to better understand the decision-making process and procedures implemented.

When it comes to families who want to keep the children at home they must inform “Vie scolaire”. We will follow up each student and document the reasons for the absence. This is in order to live up to the requirements of compulsory schooling.

We count on your compliance as a parent to ensure the success of this return to on-site teaching. If your child or family member is ill, your child must stay home.

We would like to thank all our staff who have shown great willingness to cooperate in planning for the return to teaching on the spot and we are still available to them for any support in following this planning.


Laurent Cantuel