Gymnasieexamen LFSL – structure

At LFSL you choose to take Gymnasieexamen in 2nde and it lasts for three years.

It is possible to choose the Gymnasieexamen from level B2 in Swedish.


We offer two different programs and the choice is made in 1ère:

Samhällsvetenskapsprogrammet med inriktning Samhällsvetenskap (SASAM) – Social Science Program, here called SAM

Naturvetenskapsprogrammet med inriktning Naturvetenskap (NANAT) – Natural Science Program, here called NAT


Sam and Nat

​Svenska 1, 2, 3: 3 hours/week
Programs: Svenska 1 (Swedish 1), Svenska som andraspråk 1 (Swedish as a second language 1), Svenska 2 (Swedish 2), Svenska som andraspråk 2 (Swedish as a second language 2), Svenska 3 (Swedish 3) , Svenska som andrapråk 3 (Swedish as a second language 3).

SHS 2nde : 2 hours/week
​Programs: Historia 1b (History 1b) , and Samhällskunskap 1b (Social Science 1b)

Religionskunskap 1 en 1ère: 1 hour/week
Program: Religionskunskap 1 (Religion knowledge)

TPT (Gymnasiearbete) = Personal work, Tale: 1 hour/week


SHS 1ère, Tale: 2 hours/week
​Programs: Historia 2a (History 2a), Samhällskunskap 2, Samhällskunskap 3 (Social Science 2 and 3)

Religionskunskap 2: 1 hour/week Program: Religionskunskap 2 (Religion knowledge 2)

Psykologi 1: 1 hour/week
Program: Psykologi 1 (Psychology 1)


The classes integrated in the Samhälllsvetenskapliga examen, but not in the Naturvetenskapliga examen can be added, if possible in the schedule.

To see all programs you can go to Skolverket’s website.