Information – Distance Education

Practical information – Élémentaire – Collège – Lycée

Dear Parents, Dear Students,

I hope this start of distance learning is going well.

All teams are at work to ensure pedagogical continuity. For all, students and teachers, this is a new way of collaborating and exchanging, we understand the difficulties for some in adapting to this new mode and these different tools, it will take the necessary time, thank you for your understanding .

Routines & Work
It is very important that students set up routines, getting up every day at a fixed time, reserving time for homework and following the schedule as much as possible.
For Collège & Lycée, parents can access the requested work via their Pronote account in the “Cahier de texte” : “Contenu de cours” and “Travail à faire”.
Some teachers work on a weekly work basis, others following Pronote timetable.

To practice languages, we remind you that students from CE2 to 3ème have access to an online language learning method, Rosetta Stone (more info).
For those who have access to French TV, France Télévision has just adapted its programs to offer from Monday educational programs from CP to Terminale (more info).

Implementation of support
For Collège & Lycée, several staff have been recruited in support of teachers to help students who feel the need in subjects such as: English, Spanish, Physics-chemistry, Mathematics, French and History-Geography. Simply contact your child’s teacher to see if this help is needed. Support will be given as a priority to students in exam classes (3rd and Terminale).

“Vie scolaire” & Absence
It is important to continue to follow the students in their exchanges with the teacher and performance of their homework. For College & Lycée, please inform “vie scolaire” by email if your child is unavailable due to illness or connection difficulties. Attendance monitoring will be conducted in conjunction with the teachers to avoid any form of dropping out or isolation. “Vie scolaire” stays available if students feel the need to express themselves, it is important to keep in touch with the school and all its stakeholders.
Regarding the Élémentaire, please keep the teacher informed.

Health team availability for students
Students can contact the curators, Kajsa & Morgane, they are at your entire disposal to exchange, listen and advise you during this period.
Pia, Special Pedagogue, remains available for students with special needs in Collège & Lycée to support them in setting up their new work structure.
Please find here the Health Team organization and their emails.

In addition, it is essential to go out a little to get some fresh air or exercise. However, we would like to draw your attention to people regrouping, this distance education aims to avoid the gathering of children. Even if the measures in Sweden are not for the moment that of France, we call for the individual responsibility of each one by avoiding contacts to limit the spread of the virus (see poster).

We remain at your disposal for any questions during this period and will continue to communicate with you regularly.
You can contact us at:


Laurent Cantuel