LFSL – new information regarding COVID-19

Dear Parents, Dear Students,

Several French schools in Scandinavia have already closed their doors, as well as all schools in France starting next Monday.
The situation in Stockholm is changing quickly. At LFSL, we know that a parent is carrying Covid-19, many students have been sent home this week with a fever, the health authorities have limited the tests, so it’s now impossible for us to know whether the students have the virus or not.

The school does not want to take risks and wants to limit the gatherings, especially with the youngest pupils who may carry the virus but be asymptomatic.
Therefore, the LFSL management team decided this morning to take further measures in response to this evolving situation.

In agreement with the French Embassy, the AEFE and the Board, the Headmaster and the Förskola’s Director of Lycée Français Saint Louis have decided, starting Monday March 16th and for an indefinite period:

  • The closure of the Förskola
  • Distance education for students from CP to Terminale.

The premises will no longer be open to students, but elementary and secondary staff will remain available to ensure the continuation of distance education. We want to ensure, as far as possible, educational continuity. The staff will think about new arrangements and more information will be sent to you next week.
This new mode of remote operation therefore implies the availability of students during the day and we invite them to limit their trips and gatherings between students during this period.

From a practical point of view, parents and students can collect all their belongings from their lockers at school today.
If this is not possible, a permanence will be hold Monday from 9h to 12h to pick up the remaining documents.

In order to centralize the questions around this exceptional situation, we are thinking about a new communication process, we will come back to you later on this point.
In the meantime, thank you for your understanding and we will keep you informed.


Laurent Cantuel, Headmaster AEFE
Katarina Koto, Director Förskola