Re-registration of students 2020-2021

Dear Parents,
We are happy to inform you that the period for re-registration of students for the school year the 2020-2021 will be open from Wednesday, April 1 until Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

You can re-register your child digitally, via LFSL’s online platform for parent, EDUKA, which was set up last year. In order to do this, please use the following link: EDUKA

For guidance, we recommend that you refer to the information in the registration guide.
We’d also ask you to note the new school charter.
For families with a child attending collège or lycée, please also read the conditions for using the school lockers.

You find links to the documents (in French) below:

le Manuel d’inscription (registration manual)
la charte de scolarisation (school charter)
les conditions d’utilisation des casiers (conditions for the use of school lockers)