Solidarity Race

As part of the Educational courses in Health and Citizenship, the LFSL organizes on Wednesday October 2, 2019 a solidarity race for the benefit of the association “Barncancerfonden”, an association for the fight against childhood cancer.

Solidarity commitment of the students:

To obtain funds for the association “Barncancerfonden”, the students must find sponsors among their relatives who will pay a sum according to the number of 1km laps run by the student for 20 minutes.
We can expect that students will achieve, depending on their age and level, between 1 and 4 laps of 1km in 20 minutes.

The payment can be made on the website of Barncancerfonden on the following link:
Solidary Race LFSL

For each lap acheived, the sponsors can commit to pay:
20kr, 50kr, 100kr, or other …