Swedish Gymnasium – Fri kvot

Fri kvot

Students from international schools do their application within the quota fri kvot  (free quota). Click here for more information.

Our bulletins are sent to Gymnasieantagningen with a scale to help them translate our grades* and with an explication of our subjects. It is the the Swedish schools that are responsible for making the selection. For public schools, the municipality is responsible, for private school it is a person working at that school who is responsible.

LFSL sends all three bulletins from 3ème, but often the municipality/school looks specifically at the bulletin from the third trimester. LFSL also sends the Swedish grade in SPS.


If more than one student has the same grade and the school has to make a choice, they have to use one of the four criteria.

  • Student’s choice (priority), grades and random (- the most common)
  • Math + Physics, Chemistry, SVT,  student’s choice (priority), grades and random
  • English + SPS + SHS,  student’s choice (priority), grades and random
  • SPS,  student’s choice (priority), grades and random

*A = 18 – 20
B = 16 – 17
C = 13 – 15
D = 11 – 12
E = 9 – 10
​F = 0 – 8