Swedish Gymnasium – Grades

Swedish grades

Swedish grades are letters: A-F.  When a student from a Swedish “högstadium” makes an application his/her grades are transformed into points, according to the following scale:
A = 20

To Calculate a Merit (meritvärde)

To be able to calculate a merit you first have to transform your French grades into Swedish letters according to the scale below, and then into points. After that you sum up all the points.

A = 18 – 20
B = 16 – 17
C = 13 – 15
D = 11 – 12
E = 9 – 10
​F = 0 – 8

​Subject French grade    Swedish grade   Swedish points
Histoire-Géographie    15,8                B                           17,5
Anglais                            11,3               D                           12,5
Mathématiques            18,1              A                            20
etc                                                                                                                                                                                                        Meritvärde 50

Compare merit (Meritvärden)

Students in Swedish schools have 17 subjects (16 if they take away one of the languages). The maximum meritvärde is therefore 320-340 (with an A in all subjects).

A student at LFSL has 12-13 subjects, which gives a meritvärde of 240-260. This means that a student from LFSL can’t compare his/her mertivärde with the Swedish ones as they don’t have the same amount of subjects.

What you can do to get an idea of your chances, is to compare the number of points that the last person accepted has, i.e. the person with the lowest grades, the “antagningsgräns”, the median and the merit.

The admisson points from last year (slutlig antagning)
A school has the following points for one of their programs:  
Antagningsgräns: 285
Median: 305

Divide the “antagningsgräns” and the median with the number of subjects (17) to get an average.
Average “antagningsgräns”: 16,8
Average median: 17,9
These are the numbers you use to compare the average of your mertivärde.

If your merit is 210 and you have 13 subjects, your average is: 16. When you compare your average with the averages above you can see that your average is a bit lower. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t get accepted:

  • The numbers on Gymnasieantagingen’s website are based on the admissions from last year.
  • You do your application within the “fri kvot” and the most important for the Swedish schools is that you have the right profile.