Application for University Studies in Sweden – “Gymnasieexamen”

To make an application, you need to create an account at the Admissions Unit.

Upload / send in the grades received during the “Cérémonie des casquettes” within the designated time (around June 20).

The students who receive a Gymnasieexamen can decide for themselves which exam to use in the application.

Even if you decide to apply to a university / college with your French BAC (before July 5), it is good to submit your Gymnasieexamen. As you have not yet got the results from your BAC, it gives you two possibilities.

If you want to apply with your BAC results, you must write a letter to the Admissions Service and tell them*. You upload the letter the same way
you upload your grades. Email them the same letter. Do not submit the letter until you have uploaded all the documents that you want to upload,
i.e. both the “Gymnasieexamen”, the French baccalaureate, and any other diplomas.

If you should have any problems with the Admissions Unit on this matter, please insist and refer to their website.

If you would discover later that they have used your Gymnasieexamen, even though you have asked them to use your French Baccalaureate, and you, because of that, was refused a place, you have the right to appeal. You do this directly at the Admissions Unit.

*Only necessary if you have uploaded / submitted your “Gymnasieexamen”.


Follow this link for information about the selection on the University admissions home page.

Expanded PROGRAM

You need to have at 2 500 points or more (and at least the grade E in 2 250 points) to get a “Gymnasieexamen”.

The students at the LFSL get more points than that (2600-3200 depending on the series and other options), which is called an expanded program.

The points that are above 2 500 are called expanded courses. In the diploma, there is a U next to the courses that are considered to be the expanded ones. Those courses are only taken into consideration if they are necessary for a specific program, or if they give you “meritpoäng” (merit).