Democracy: Let’s debate it!

On Wednesday, October 20, the students in Terminale at LFSL had the honor and pleasure to discuss and debate. Their interlocutor? Mme Hélène Conway-Mouret, Senator for French Citizens Abroad, former Vice-President of the Senate (2018-2020), Mr. Étienne de Gonneville, French Ambassador in Sweden, Katarina Doytchinov, Advisor for Cooperation and Cultural Action at the French Embassy in Sweden, Mrs. Noémie Altschul and Mr. Hicham Mokrani, Consular Advisors for French Citizens Abroad.

In the presence of Mr. Aurélien Loyson, Rector of LFSL, everyone participated in various workshops debates, which led to exchanges that were both justified and rewarding. The subjects, designed by their two history geography teachers, focused on important contemporary civic or geopolitical issues:

• Has the coronavirus weakened our democracies?

• Should controversial statues be removed?

• Can democracy meet the climate challenges of the 21st century?

• Memories of the Algerian War: incompatible memories?

These are therefore some of the topics that were first prepared in class, then debated by the students among themselves, before finally being debated on 20 October in the auditorium.