The Armistice Centennial

From October 15 to 19, 2018, LFSL students in the class of « 3ème” went to France and Belgium to participate in an interdisciplinary project as part of the Armistice Centennial.

One of the objectives was to educate the students about the everyday life of a soldier in this World War, whatever his nationality, and to realise that the all lived the same horror.

In the footsteps and memories left by the Great War, as the soldiers called it, the students first discovered the English speaking engagement by visiting the village of Villiers-Bretonneux where the Australian imprint is particularly significant. A memorial circuit was then proposed on the British Battlefields of the Somme, culminating in the Thiepval Memorial.
Following the traces of the French and German soldiers, the students visited the museum of Meaux in order to get a global vision of the conflict, then taken to the battlefields of Verdun and Douaumont.

They then visited Reims and its cathedral, of major importance in order to evoke the material destruction of this war.

Finally the trip ended in Brussels, a place steeped in the history of European construction, to evoke the reconciliation of the European peoples.
This project will end with a commemoration day at the LFSL November 9, 2018.