Student representatives’ training day

Wednesday, October 7, all class representatives received half a day of training to help them fulfill their role (college students in the morning and lycée students in the afternoon). This training was led by Sarah Lempereur, Deputy Headmaster and Olivier Cureau, CPE.

The training of class representatives is a strong moment in the construction of citizenship. Being a student representative cannot be improvised and requires theoretical as well as practical contributions. In order to participate in full knowledge of the facts in the various representative bodies that exist in schools, the students are supported in the construction of their citizenship.

Here is the program of this training and the topics covered:
• Role and function of staff within the school
• Institutional bodies
• Reminder on the internal regulations
• Representative’s booklet with some advice on the role
• The functioning of a class council

The half-day ended with a simulation of a class council where everyone was able to take on a role in order to be able to put themselves in real conditions. The students really enjoyed this exercise which looks like the real thing, as if you were there !