Message from AEFE’s Director

On the occasion of the start of the school year 2020, the first ever in a context of a global pandemic, Mr. Olivier Brochet, director of the AEFE, addresses the school communities of the French education network AEFE and expresses a message of hope: “be assured of my determination and my commitment, with the AEFE …

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Headmaster’s message

Dear Madam / Dear Sir, It is with great pleasure that I join the community of the Lycée Français de Stockholm under agreement with the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE). This one, rich in a passionate and fascinating history, invites us to unite around fundamental common values ​​of respect for others, mutual aid, tolerance …

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School start 2020 – MODIFICATION

The school year 2020-2021 starts on 26 August, 2020. The program regarding the start of the school year has been changed with regard to health measures linked to covid-19.You will find information about the start of the school year on this link (in French).